Happy Thanksgiving 2013

It snowed a little today.

The first true sign of winter and the perfect beginning to the holiday season.

I really enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Happy-ThanksgivingWhen I was a kid, I loved it because my Mom would make every single thing I loved to eat all at one time. But the older I get, the more I appreciate the exercise of deliberately slowing myself down enough to consider how truly incredible life is – and to give thanks for it all.

I have a great job.  I’m so grateful for it. My bills are paid and there’s a little left over…thank you.

My wife and I are healthy and so are our kids and our grandchildren. May we never take that for granted.

I find it easy to say thank you to my Savior Jesus Christ.  There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t thank Him for the salvation He provided on the Cross of Calvary. 

However, I sometimes lose focus on all the people who are part of my life. I think about work friends and people who have contributed to my life. At times, I find myself taking them all for granted.

So this Thanksgiving I want to turn my head and heart to the people who fill my life.  I want to thank those that have walked this road of life with me. I want to thank those that have shared these days with me.

Mentors and protégés. Old friends and new.

So, with a heart that’s full of thanks, I didn’t want to let the holiday pass by without thanking you, my friends, for all that you’ve contributed into my life.

If you’ve ever made me laugh so hard you made me forget for a moment that I’m an adult or the problems in this life…Thank you.

If you’ve held my feet to the fire, kept me accountable, reminding me that I am not perfect and sometimes I am wrong… Thank you.

If I’ve ever forgotten my problems in your presence because you have taken them on as your own in prayer… Thank you.

If you’ve trusted me with your secrets and made me feel safe enough to share mine… Thank you.

If you could make a list of my weaknesses and failures, but don’t… Thank you.

If you tell me the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it… Thank you.

If you encourage me even though I shouldn’t need it… Thank you.

If you’ve forgiven me at least once… Thank you.

If you’ve ever taught me what I didn’t know, given me a shot when I hadn’t earned it, or guided me when I felt lost… Thank you.

If you’ve shared with me the benefit of your hard work or challenged me to think beyond myself or this day… Thank you.

If you say nice things about me behind my back… Thank you.

If you see something good in me that I can’t quite make out for myself just yet…Thank you.

I’m grateful for you. Not just the regular “let’s hurry up and eat” kind of grateful. I’m profoundly thankful for you.

As I consider my many blessings, I count you all among the greatest of them all.

For old friends who’ve left an indelible mark that can’t be erased by time or distance, and new ones that carry a key to a door that’s been locked to me.

For friends who feel like family, and family I’d choose as friends, I’m grateful and keenly aware of how different life would be – and I would be – without you in it.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!

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